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Down to the very last drop

With our Zest N’ Press, you can be sure that you are getting...

Down to the very last drop

With our Zest N’ Press, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your lemons, limes and oranges! 

Before you juice, always zest your citrus. Zesting allows you to enjoy all of the fruit’s health and flavor benefits. Add the zest to your water or beverage for a delicious infusion or add to your recipes with citrus juice for a more concentrated flavor. The Zester rests comfortably on press so the zest falls into the chamber for easy measuring. The super sharp zester isn’t just for citrus – it works great for grating cheese, ginger, chocolate and more!

Now, let’s juice it! The Press has a very unique squeezing chamber that actually turns the citrus inside out to make sure you get every last drop! With a built-in strainer, you don’t have to worry about any pulp or seeds getting in the way. The ergonomically designed handles are comfortable to use, require minimal pressure when juicing, and can be used by left- and right-handed people of all ages!

The Zest N’ Press is perfect for:

  • Flavored water: Add some zest and juice to your water for a refreshing flavor.
  • Fresh juice: Enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast or a refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day.
  • Craft cocktails: You can never go wrong with citrus in cocktails, so get creative!
  • Dressings: Easily make a fresh and healthy salad dressing.
  • Marinades: Perfect for marinating meat, poultry, fish or vegetables.

Dimensions (Metric/ US):
W 7.5 x H 5.5 x L 22.3 - cm
W 2.9 x H 2.1 x L 8.8 - inch

  • Health companion: Add some fresh citrus zest and juice to your daily drinks and meals for added health benefits.
  • Less mess: The zester rests inside the press so the zest falls into the chamber and the press has a built-in strainer to filter out any pulp or seeds.
  • Easy to use: The Zest N’ Press is comfortable to use and requires very little pressure when juicing. 
  • Every last drop: The unique design ensures you get every last drop of your citrus!

  • Dishwasher safe (certain components)
  • Hand wash (certain components)
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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